Beginnings and Endings

Today my EP is being sent to London to be mastered by no less than Eric Clapton’s producer whoosh woo ! It is an ending point in that the recording is now finished after many months work with my producer Jimmy Fitz. So my feelings are mixed I enjoyed the recording process so much and the work that lies ahead seems so much more challenging .. yet as I write this I realise I would have said that about the prospect of the recording process.

Producing the work is slow and painstaking yet ultimately very rewarding, time to pour over and tweak to retake and remix but now it is complete and the task of self promotion lies ahead . Putting myself and my work out there its scary ! 

What helps is to separate the outer from the inner, the work from my experience of self in the now. To fulfil each task and let go of outcomes. Be curious and have fun ! I got my registration numbers for the songs during the week from RAPP the royalties people and guess what my code is Joy.. guess I better listen to that and enJOY !!!!Image


2 thoughts on “Beginnings and Endings”

  1. Think it’s a great idea to do the blog – it supports the music and provides another angle on it- look forward to reading it x

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